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Gift certificates for 500 UAH and 1000 UAH

Give a certificate to a loved one - make it a sunny day!
You can buy certificates for 500 UAH or 1000 UAH.
Or make a gift for yourself, because love begins with yourself.

A gift certificate entitles its bearer to find out that from the current menu of Pizza33 or Susshi33 to the amount specified in the certificate.
Gift certificates can be 500 and 1000 UAH.
The certificate is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
The difference between the nominal value of the certificate and the high cost of the order is paid additionally, and the difference with the smaller amount of the order is not compensated.
The gift certificate is returned to the courier of the Delivery 33 in exchange for the ordered one.
In case of loss, the certificate is not restored.

When buying and using the certificate, bonus points are not accrued.