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Project for the assistance of children deprived of parental care

The company "Delivery Pizza 33 / Sushi 33" and with the help of the Ukrainian charity exchange launches a unique project "Feed the Children", aimed at raising funds for giving pizza in the amount of 12 000 hryvnia to the center of the city of happy children, where children who are deprived of parental care.


We believe that giving a chance to try the usual ones for us, and such non-standard ones for babies who are deprived of guardianship and care, is a cool idea.
Restaurant "Delivery Pizza 33 / Sushi 33" will provide the necessary amount of portions of pizza for the collected amount and service will deliver this great gift to children.
You can join an action and make children happier here:

The "City of Happy Children" Center is helping disadvantaged children since 2007. In the center, such children find shelter and protection from parents-alcoholics, drug addicts parents. These are children who survived too much - violence, hunger, they were thrown by their own mother and father, some of them died close and they simply do not need anyone. In the center, the children provide the necessary clothes, meals, medical aid. Here begins psychological rehabilitation - "salvation" of children after all that they had to see and experience. And this is the most difficult thing - after all, the internal wounds of a baby are heavier than wounds on the body.

The task of our project - to give toddlers such everyday joy as a fun picnic with pizza and smiles! We really want children to have a real childhood, in this life they have been deprived of such an important parental love, so let's together give the children a sense of true childhood!