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First week winners

The first week of December is over and we played the first set of prizes. Congratulations to the winners! And we remind that the draw will take place before December 23 inclusive, and let you be lucky.

Winners of the period 03.12-09.12.2018:

1. Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A7 - Elena xxx-xxx-87-82

2. Tablet Nomi Ultra 4 - Vladimir xxx-xxx-52-11

3. Mirton Multivarki:

- Anton xxx-xxx-93-20

- Anastasia xxx-xxx-25-55

- Ilya xxx-xxx-77-17

4. Thermomugs:

- Sergey xxx-xxx-36-89

- Dmitry xxx-xxx-32-15

- Gregory xxx-xxx-52-90

- Andrew xxx-xxx-78-89

- Ulyana xxx-xxx-74-27

- Vladimir xxx-xxx-65-10

- Anastasia xxx-xxx-03-33

- Julia xxx-xxx-93-78

If you recognize yourself, among the winners, you can contact the call-center by phone. (044) 573-33-33.

Good luck to everyone in the next rounds of the draw!