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Winners of the second week

The second set of prizes has been played - time to congratulate the winners. We remind you that there is only one week left - from 17 to 23 December. Have time to win your gifts!

Winners of the draw “December of great gifts”, the period of December 10-16:

- Smartphone Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) - Alexandra XXX-XX-53-72

- Tablet Nomi Ultra 4 - Anastasia XXX-XX-40-24

- Multivarki Mirton:

- Olga XXX-XX-02-63

- Vasily XXX-XX-88-77

- Vladimir XXX-XX-21-34

- Thermo mugs:

- Andrey XXX-XX-40-09

- Alexey XXX-XX-81-07

- Sabrina XXX-XX-06-37

- Sergey XXX-XX-89-59

- Michael XXX-XX-64-76

- Catherine XXX-XX-20-93

- March XXX-XX-77-34

- Alexey XXX-XX-13-13

If you recognize yourself, among the winners, you can contact the call-center by phone. (044) 573-33-33.

Good luck to everyone in the next round of the draw!